Thursday, October 4, 2007

Down the B-school memory lane...

Anyone who knows me would know that my level of attachment to the B-school from which I did my MBA is not that great. I mean on a comparative scale if I put my undergrad college nostalgia moments at 100, B-school would be, hmmm, 35-45. Suffice to say that if I hit the jackpot and become super rich with a yacht moored in the Mediterranean, a Ferrari in the garage of my chateau in South of France and my own private harem in the Swiss alps (he he) I would be donating money to DCE rather than IIFT- at least the first couple of million dollars.

But yesterday I was reminded of all the fun times I had in IIFT. A friend, BB, was visiting Bangalore and we met up over dinner. Obviously KS was also there. And we had a rollicking time! The two years of funny, scary, tense, awesome, ridiculous, lazy, hyperactive moments were remembered with great fondness. Old professors were recalled and abused for making us get up early in the morning, or study late at night, or run around for speakers (er…the human variety) for the marketing seminar at Tradewinds (incidentally, BB, KS and I were the marketing club, Brandwagon’s, coordinators – hence responsible for organizing this conference), or even not making us study enough. Old fights, er disagreements (you don’t fight in post-graduation – you have a difference of opinion) were furiously discussed again. And the batch meetings! Who can forget the batch meetings, be they our own internal ones, elections or the really scary ones that DG called (Especially the DG one in late December of 2004)

It was seriously amazing talking and laughing at those days and it makes me wonder whether I’m justified in assigning just 35-45 to B-school. I know, I know, this conundrum doesn’t affect you in the least- boo hoo - you came to read this, so now you’ll have to bear this. After all, B-school gave a glut of such different emotions and experiences in a compact one and a half year capsule while DCE was a long drawn four year long seven course meal. The two are not comparable and both have a different taste. Additionally, I think the biggest reason for my non-enthusiastic response to IIFT was due to being bunked up in the same room with the worst person I have ever met in my entire life. I’ve never met a more selfish, spiteful, fake, inhuman and disgusting creature in my life. And the luck of the draw made him my room mate- seriously that is one guy who would shake anyone’s confidence in the intrinsic goodness of humans. But in spite of this ass@#$%, IIFT was good fun where I experienced some things that I’d never ever done before, worked on deadlines with laughter all around, made some friends who are always good to catch up with – and basically postponed the start of my working life by another two years.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to divide the first couple of million dollars that I'll donate to my alma maters!


Tushar D.Verma said...

im guess ing ur memories wd be so much better if only we had made a better choice on day zero

Swapnil said...

arre regrets are always going to be there, but still 1.5 years cannot be negated by one day- or the 11 months after that