Friday, February 9, 2007

What's the opposite of morning blues...

I got up early today...weird. After four days of promising myself that i'd get up early the next day, get the office bus for a change- and then drooling in bed till 9, I finally got up, got the bus and got myself a nice cheese omelette at the canteen. Am sated. At peace with the world. No team meeting either today.
However, a coupla things have come see the earlier you reach ur desk, the earlier things start piling up, especially if you've just mentioned that you're at peace.
There's a bunch of VCs visiting, and somehow I have to be in the team meeting them( Originally, a very high profile delegation was to meet these guys, but as it's come to me, i'm guessing its not all that important). This came in this morning, AFTER I left home- so I guess i'll be meeting these guys in my jeans!
Am hoping for a nice treat this evening, but am a bit sceptical about it actually happening. I really want to play pool today, but this city has no pool parlours in our side of town. Or maybe we're just under-developed.

Will pick up dad from the airport tomorrow. I hope parents visit could be made more interesting, but factors have swirled into place, such that I have no control- and worse I wouldn't even be in town for half the time dad's here.

Anyway, can't do anything about things I can't control...

See, half an hour in office and my upbeat mood is already spiralling down...

"promise me you'll try to be cheerful today..."

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