Thursday, February 8, 2007

the last gasp of freedom..drink in the joy..while it lasts

As the days roll on towards the impending departure of my roomie of 11 months (and a great friend of almost 7 years), P, i'm getting engulfed , bit-by-bit, in gloom. Also a bit of guilt. He's about to go in another 15 days and the last month has been so full of constraints, as my family is visiting, that we really haven't been able to make his last gasp of pure freedom even a bit exciting and worth remembering as he lolls around in his home after the 23rd.

But finally, some action has been initiated last night, something that should make the last week memorable for him and for everyone. My family leaves on the 17th - (pub-binge scheduled later in the day :) ). Reddy flies in either on 17th or 18th...and the BIG ONE : booked tickets for Gupta!! Begged, argued and cajoled him into arriving at a good itinerary (the way the guy makes excuses- like he's bluddy ambani or something). He'll be here frm 19th evening to 24th morning. Four of us dceites in one house, over 4 days, we'll bring back the hostel days all over again :)
Only thing missing is Bihari, but then I guess we need to get used to that...

Anyway, a blast of light to look forward to...

ORACLE: next to next week will be totally awesome!

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