Friday, February 9, 2007

and he asked x, and I replied y...ya, you see I rock!

This is something's thats been getting my goat for a few days now..humpff.

There are a few blogs that I really enjoy reading, I love them for their style of writing, the intrinsic humour and the sharp commentaries. However, all the authors (Are bloggers authors??) have some sort of masters degree business admin. Thus, they have gone through (as I did) the admission process comprising of gds and interviews.

As I finish off the fresh entries in their blogs, I am attracted towards their archives...unfortunately the sharp, funny, interesting bloggers have one thread in common. They want the whole friggin world to know about every aspect of their gd, interviews, I do not want to know what you religiously have for breakfast before gds; no, I do not want to know what your lucky charms and rituals are; no, I do not want to know how you got that perfect 'body language' in the gd; oh for God's sake I do NOT want to know how the answer you gave saw the interviewers smile angelic smiles and look at you in awe as if you had enlightened them and made their pithy little miserable lives worth living once more...aarrgghh

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