Friday, August 6, 2010

Jiminy!! What a disaster...

Ok, you be the judge - is it humanly possible to resist this invitation? If you get a brilliant email like the following would you not accept the invite with a smile on your face and a cheer in your demeanor?



is not an ordinary day.

An year ago on this very date a small change happened to Bangalore’s landscape.

A change that at first glance seemed similar to numerous ones happening, maybe even innocuous

But as time went on, the small change started having an impact on our lives.

And then it started directing the way our lives were scheduled

And then it took over our lives and our minds

Yes, Jimi’s opened an year back.

And they’re celebrating. 50% off all day today

Let us celebrate this significant change,

this evening

Jimi’s has been my favourite pub for a while now. It plays awesome music and has some of the widest collection of music once the ‘by request’ period starts. They even had Danger Zone with the Top Gun movie clip!

And I’m so shocked. None of my friends could make it even after this brilliant email I wrote to everyone. People enthusiastically said yes, but as the day progressed the Yays started turning into Nays because of work delays. Eventually we had a total turnout of ZERO!!

I need to get more friends who are irresponsible and not driven at work. L


Abhinav said...

Guess it's time you shift to Delhi or I shift to Blr ;-)

Padmaja Nagarur said...

1. I did not get this can't blame me for not responding! :-P
2. The mail can surely get a little more dramatic if you want guaranteed audience. Think...think hard Swap!