Monday, August 17, 2009

Relive the Charm...

This thought struck me on my flight to Delhi.

(Yes, ladies and gentlemen (umm particularly Delhi ladies)I am on an extended vacation in Delhi and surrounding areas.)

I still remember the first time I flew in a plane. It was, I think 2002 or 2003, and we were embarking on my legen..wait for it..dary Goa trip with my parents and granny.

Are we all done with the sniggers and lame wisecracks?
not yet?


Good. So the crux is that I was so excited about it. As the engines revved up my heart started beating faster and as the pilot let out the brakes I could feel the power pulsing through me as the plane started lethargically and then accelerated superlatively. I still remember the excitement tinged with a bit of fear as the plane took off at a steep angle and rose unfettered into the clouds above Delhi.

And then the plane banked to the right.

I could feel my heart pumping hard in my mouth as I sent up a prayer to God. But the plane was merely turning towards Goa.

And then being surrounded by the wispy cottonwool clouds turning slowly into thicker banks of clouds through which we pierced and looked on the sun shining benignly on the layers of clouds...


And since that day I've taken a lot of flights. In between I was flying almost every 2-3 weeks for a few months. Very soon I saw myself reading the boring inflight magazine or a book I was carrying instead of looking out the window. Beautiful sunsets across waves of clouds were casually ignored while the urge to get out of the aircraft as soon as it landed started getting a grip.

The charm was driven out of flying by increased frequency.

But this time I was flying after a while (well there was one flight, but I had too much on my mind - anticipation, nervousness, stupidity etc. which prevented enjoyment of the flight.). So I relived the charm of flying again, complete with the buildup on the tarmac, the beautiful takeoff, flying through the clouds and finally looking down at Delhi at night (a smattering of bright jewels laid out in circles in the inky darkness). Brilliant.

I wish all the other charms also come alive - looking across the sea for the first time, the clear stars that you see on the hills at night, the first time you drive....

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