Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Ode to Apps...

Anyone who knows me and has had the pleasure of being driven somewhere by me would know that I'm directionally challenged. I keep cracking this joke that if Delhi was not a circle I'd never reach any place. People politely chuckle on this without actually realizing it's ABSOLUTELY true! The number of times i've taken the wrong turn and ended up swirling around the city looking for any familiar building, tree or shop that could give me some bearing is extremely high.

Delhi, with it's circles, and Bangalore, with it's multiple one ways, conspire together to give me that sinking feeling - " Jeez, I have no clue where I am...again"

And this doesn't happen only when i'm going to a new place. Oh no, that would be too regular. I manage to lose my way even if I am going to the same place almost everyday. B's place in Dwarka is a prime example. I've been there so many times but am still not sure what turn I have to take to reach the house. (In my defense, Dwarka has very similar looking roads and similar buildings.)

But this post is not about one of my numerous flaws. This one is about the Google maps application I have on my phone now. SO useful!

As usual I was lost day before yesterday while going to B's place (ho hum, yawn, tell us something new) and I was at a redlight with two options - left or right (hehe). My instinct and directionsense was urging me vociferously to turn to the right. I was about to follow my instincts, I mean if a guy can't trust his instincts what else can he trust. Then I stopped - (wry grin) really Swapnil? Your instincts have always led to humungous amounts of petrol being burnt up while backtracking or looking for roundabout ways of reaching the destination after taking the wrong turn.

Fortunately I had my phone Google maps on. One look at it's screen showing my current location and I realised I was right. My instinct to distrust my directional instinct was absolutely right. I had to go left.

Google maps ki jai!

Case 2:
I was going to a travel agency to get my visa done (yes, i'm finally going to Singapore on a vacation!). By the way it is unbelievably humid and hot in Delhi. I think living in Bangalore has really spoilt me. The weather here is really getting to me. I just can't seem to get out of the house unless i absolutely have to. There's a friend who's about to return to the US but I haven't been able to put in the effort to drive to Gurgaon to meet her. Crazy.

Anyway I was at the heart of the Delhi circles, Connaught Place trying to find that office. But after 15 minutes of walking around the central park, drinking milkshake at Keventers, lying down prone on the road in the heat and checking out pretty faces I was still as far away from finding that address as when I started. I whipped out my phone and fired up the Google maps app. Lo and behold, it showed where the office was located and also gave an option of dialling them for me. What else did I want? I spoke to them, let them guide me to the office and get my work done.

Really, if you're directionally challenged, if the homing device in your brain didn't really get a chance of developing - THIS is the app for you!

Google maps ki jai!

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