Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Brush after long...

As you, as one of the millions of devoted fans of this blog, remember there was a time around the middle of last year when I reignited my untrained passion towards painting churning out amazing landscapes and positively beating away people who want to buy my art for astronomical figures (somehow all the quotes are in Yen. Wonder why?)

But over the last few months I have again gone back to pre-painting era where my canvases and brushes lie dry again. Somehow I just wasn't getting that enthusiasm again.

This Friday night I was reading till very late at night ( The Diary by Chuck Palahniuk), actually till around 3:30 in the morning. Now at that time of the night once the book gets over the first thing any reasonable person would do would be to go to sleep and get up after noon the next day. But I had this urge to paint. Anyway I wasn't going to play tennis in the morning so I figured I should succumb to this urge.

But I didn't want to paint the regular landscape. I wanted to do something challenging - like a portrait. This is something i've never done before. I could do pencil sketches at one time and I am a good caricaturist but I've never painted a proper face with shadows over the face and giving an expression to it.

As an aside, when I was in primary school my art teacher had this awesome canvas that he was painting. It was a composition of a bunch of boys dancing in the rain at dusk time. It was a beautiful painting and the joy of the boys faces against the mostly purple background just jumped out of the canvas. If I wasn't the diffident boy that I was I would've spent hours just staring at it. In fact it is one my deepest desires to paint a picture like that one. I can pretty much remember everything about that painting...its unreal.

So I started painting a face without my regular action of viewing youtube videos teaching one how to paint that element and without having a model/picture in front. The output was quite disasterous. Really really terrible painting that I made till 5 in the morning.BUT it was fun!

So I shall try again, after seeing all the coaching videos. And maybe I'll put up one here if the painting is not too embarrassing.


sushil said...

are u sure all the quotes were in yen and not in zimbabwean dollars.. :)

Ritwik Bisaria said...

do you have trouble in reading letters?
does alphabets dance when u try to read them?

did you see Taare Zameen Per?