Thursday, July 24, 2008

Impromptu Parties...

The best kind!

All the carefully planned and meticulously arranged parties on one side, and a casual beer at a colleagues place that grows with people joining on the other side! Guess which one wins?

Late in office hours I had a tough meeting after a pretty heavy day and was feeling totally zapped and drained by the end of it. To add to it there were a number of action items against my name after the meeting and I was feeling quite low ( always seem to get me down somehow, dunno if its a common phenomenon :) ). Coming out of the meeting I just slapped a colleague on the back and without much hope told him, "Man, i'm out for the day. Lets go get a beer, huh?"

"Hmm, yeah I feel like one too. But I have a call in an hour."

"Aww, I could really use a pint"

"Well, lets go to my place. I'll take the call from there"

And that was a cool start to a really fun evening after work. We went to his place and had a pint and then he finished his call while I was wrapping up a bit of stuff I had to do. And suddenly the phone rings. Another colleague calls up - "Whats up?"

"Totally zapped, man. I'm at S's place. We're helping Mallya with his revenue growth a bit."

"Oh, cool. I want to contribute to this noble cause too. You want me to get something?"

A quick glance into the fridge - "No. We're good. Come quick"

Things started swinging as S's wife also came in from her office. They have a brilliant music system in the awesome den they've set up. We started of with rock and when H, the other chap joined in we played some softer music.

And suddenly it turned into a Old hindi song night!
Ancient songs were dug up and played. Absolutely amazing songs. "Ayega, ayega" to "Julie, I love you" to "Sanjh ki dulhan" and what not. It was amazing. The atmosphere was perfect.

All in all a perfect impromptu thursday night party. I love it!

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