Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And the Bidding Starts at...

9 crores? Thats it?

So much effort and hundreds of crores go into holding general elections and then they short charge themselves over a pittance?

Is this why we've sent those MPs to parliament? First you don't have the decency to offer and take bribes for the trust vote with mutual trust, and then you charge embarrasingly small sums for a vote that has the entire country on stake. Where has the spirit of 'honesty amongst thieves' and 'equal pay for equal work' (or lack thereof for the absentees)gone?

Disgusting, they should atleast have charges 15 crores and then not displayed the wealth in that crude and cheap manner. I envision a giant glass truck filled with currency notes being pulled into the parking lot with a camera following the entire movement and projecting it in the well of the house. This would be done by BJP to show

a. They were bribed
b. The bribe was commensurate with their 'status'

What's terrible about this entire episode is that the pervading feeling in all the people i've spoken to today was "whew, doesn't matter what they did, Thank God they pulled through. Now we'll see some radical economic reforms"

Does it say a sad bit about reaching the goal and not caring what the means is? And that the economic issues are way more important than moral issues? Is this really the way we want to go?

Update: July 29, 2008.

I don't know why this joke didn't come out after the trust vote:

What did Manmohan Singh say after he won the confidence motion?
Singh is King!

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