Friday, March 21, 2008

Is this the holiday I signed up for?...

i'm so angry.

When I was coming here I was dreaming of an absolutely relaxed and lazy ten days when I took those expensive tickets to go home for a short vacation.

And what do I get instead?

So much work, so much effort, strenuous days, tired rest at night. Is this what I signed up for? Really?...

I mean, right from the moment I gracefully open my eyes in the morning i'm enundated with tasks that make me exert myself both mentally and physically.

You're my loyal readers so I shall tell you all about my woes. Yes, I expect sympathy - lots of it.

So this silly round yellow thing that loiters around across the sky all day long sends in sharp and bright rays through the window nearly at the crack of dawn. Ok, maybe its nearer 11 but c'mon, i'm on vacation, cut me some slack. It was just 6 hours after dawn. Anyway, after this tortuous waking up ritual I have to drag myself on tired feet, dreading the looming effort full day ahead...

And then i have to take such important decisions. Do I read the newspaper first (but I'll have to go all the way to the living room for that), do I go see whats for breakfast/brunch? (what?? all the way to the kitchen?) or do I just go and plonk myself infront of the TV in the other bedroom?

Why God, why? Such important decisions, as Bertie Wooster says, cannot be made before breakfast. (I'm assuming all my readers know Bertie. If not - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR MISERABLE EXISTENCE? GO, read P G Wodehouse. )

Anyway, so i manage to drag myself after exercising my jaw while eating breakfast to the TV room. So I plonk myself and arrange all the pillows and blanket around me. All snug and cozy looking forward to watching TV and what do I find? The remote, taking a cue from its name, is at the remotest corner of the room. All my efforts wasted. Just managed to drag myself on my hands and knees to reach the remote. I'm not proud but I think I had tears in my eyes when I finally reached the remote. And then the long journey back to the bed, rearranging the pillows again.

This is my life nowadays. Now tell me, is this anything less than third degree torture in Tihar Jail?? Am I wrong to complain?

PS: I'm having the laziest and most awesome holiday ever :) I'm loving it.

PPS: Met all my friends one night and got that warm fuzzy feeling when I saw that two of them had gone wau out of their way to get a food item which they know I like in comparison to getting one thats easily available and which they like better. Sniff..what friends, what lovely friends :)

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