Monday, March 17, 2008

Home, here I come...

Here's how I described Delhi to a Mumbai based friend over emails today :

"Aww cmon, how can anyone not be excited about visiting delhi. Lal Quila, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, wide roads and boulevards, tree lined avenues in central Delhi, metro rail, traffic signals that work, earthy swear words hurled lovingly at everyone, pretty girls, fast cars, expensive phones, the glitz and glamour, the food, the chat, Kake da dhaba, Murthal ke paranthe, Transport nagar at 3 at night, Q'BA and DV8, Connaught place from the air at night, my college DCE, home ….sigh…Delhi – its wonderful"

IN other news, as the great philosopher and thinker (and er..sleazy act doer) Shakti Kapoor once (almost) said: 'Haki tiki haki tiki ha, I'm going to Delhi tomorrow'

Of course this is the same chap who calls himself Crime master Gogo and plays gotiyan after aankhen nikaloing, so I don't know how much value his statements have. But yes, I'm going to Delhi tomorrow for a much much needed holiday. And am so excited about it. Infact this is what I wrote to a friend:

I'm going to delhi tomorrow. I'm going to delhi TOMORROW. I'm going to DELHI TOMORROW. I'm going TO DELHI TOMORROW. I'm GOING TO DELHI TOMORROW. I'M GOING TO DELHI TOMORROW.

SO, as is rather evident, work does take a bit of a back seat when I'm on the verge of a Delhi trip.

Really sorry for this silly silly post but i'm all excited about going home and meeting all my friends and just relaxing for 10 days. :)


Ritwik Bisaria said...

SO, as is rather evident, work does take a bit of a back seat when I'm on the verge of a Delhi trip.
There seems to be some error here!!
"BIT" of back seat? and only when Delhi is in the picture??

bhumika said...

after reading this post i do feel you need a break :P yenjoi!!

Swapnil said...

BHumika: hehe, are you alluding to the sheer silliness?

You've been out of the online world for a bit, huh?

bhumika said...

Believe me, blogging is on my priority list all the time. Just that there is no end to the new work that i've picked up.