Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the Movie Hall

I can watch any, and I mean aaannnyyy, movie in a theatre and enjoy it!

Just returned from watching what could easily be the most arcane and idiotic movie to be produced last year - Welcome. And I was rolling on the seat, doubling up with mirth and clapping my hands to stupid and old jokes (Had so much trouble stopping myself from screaming and guffawing at the screen)
(Oh, so you want an example of the humour there? Here it comes, don't say I didn't warn you:

Paresh Rawal (to Nana Patekar): " Arre aap mujhe 'ji' mat kahiye" [Don't add a 'ji' to my name {Ji is a mark of respect, usually reserved for elders in India}]

Nana: " Arre kyun nahin, aajkal to biscuit ko bhi 'Parle-G' kehte hain! " [ Why not? Nowadays we even call biscuits 'Parle-"G"'] { })

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what i've fallen down to. I was rolling on the floor on this dialogue, tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks!

Now this is nothing new, I could hate a movie if I watch its DVD, but put me in a movie theatre with comfortable seating, surround sound and any inane trash playing. I'd STILL come out with a broad smile on my face telling everyone I meet that 'I enjoyed the movie' (I've stopped telling them the movie was awesome/good - they come back and grab my collar. but they can't do anything when I say what I say, because I DID actually enjoy the movie. Thats just the plain truth. Smart, huh? :) )

But I guess this is good, it makes me very easy to please and also provides me with a simple and surefire way of improving my mood, whenever I want.

Also another thing about Welcome that would easily make me sit glued to my seat drooling is of course the presence of Katrina Kaif. Sigh. Siiiiggghhhh... Have I mentioned how her eyes crinkle up when she smiles..or, or her Brit accent? SSSSiiiigggghhhhhh.

Wait a minute, one exception does exist in this utopia of theatre movie watching. "Welcome to the Jungle", starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the only movie which I have intentionally and deliberatley left in the middle. (Only reason I went to watch it is that I'm a huge WWE fan {So, The bouts are pre-planned and scripted? Even movies are fake. Watching wrestling is like seeing a well orchestrated live performance of a particularly talented trapeze troop (er..the flying moves)} and the Rock was one of my favourite stars there. Of course the movie was so bad that I squirm whenever I see him in the ring, before settling down to watch the whole bout :) )


bhumika said...

omigod...oh my god...OH MY GOD

raindrops said...

So has the movie buff seen Taare zameen par??

Swapnil said...

Bhumika: Don't shun me just 'cos I liked Welcome - I need sympathy for my condition, not hatred :)

Raindrops: Nope, I've decided not to watch it - (clap of thunder) - yeh meri pratigya hai!!