Monday, January 28, 2008


So I went to the karaoke night at Firangi Paani ( ) yesterday evening – my first time at a karaoke place.

I was there with a karaoke experienced hand – DU (She’s part of my non-engineer, non-MBA friends. Long story – was really bugged with the fact that all my friends, due to their similar backgrounds, spoke on-and-on-and-on about the same things, namely

– career going no where
- not enough money because XYZ is making more,
- will I ever go onsite
- my manager sucks and has a vendetta against me
- did-I-make-the-right-choice-in-job/studies/lovelife
- what do I really want in life after all
- …and of course the omnipresent – is it all worth it?...oh, by the way did you see my new car/phone/meaningless-electronic-gadget-that-I-bought-for-a-obscene-amount-of-money?

SO I decided I need to meet people with more variety in their lives, people with diverse interests and career plans (or no plans at all), people who have the capability of living in the present than forever think about the future. DU is one of the few friends I made while actively looking for people with different thought processes. We don’t meet up very often or anything but its always fun to catch up with her. [Also, she’s on first name basis with almost all bouncers/barkeeps/managers in all the pubs in this city – she NEVER pays cover charge..yes, yes NEVER- its amazing (and incredibly cheap) pub hopping with her].)

OK, where was I? oh, yeah, karaoke…

Now, you people know that music and I somehow don’t mix together too well (water and oil some people would say. We stay in touch [what? I have 3 music CDs in my car…so there!], but a polite nod is the maximum we ever acknowledge each other with). So I was a bit apprehensive about the whole karaoke thing. But I was so wrong! It was absolutely awesome fun!

The place was full of regulars who sang almost every Sunday (Firangi Paani has karaoke Sundays). And the talent! Amazing singers – in fact after the karaoke started I asked DU when the whole over-hyped karaoke thing was going to start – she gently nudged me towards the guy singing the first song
! It was amazing, he was singing so well that I couldn’t make out that it was someone singing instead of a song playing. And then one after the other people were walking up to the mike and singing really really well. The atmosphere was getting quite electric – reminded me of college festivals – everyone was singing along with people breaking into dance as well. There was the manager/owner of the place who kept taking up the mike and belting out beauties. Almost every table had a couple of singers and it was great to see the cheering companions to the singers. DU also took up the mike a couple of times and inspite of her nervousness, sang brilliantly (she has that tenor voice, the high note taking type singing voice – I had no idea. Pretty darn good)

Aaargh, why God, why? Why didn’t you give me singing talent, instead of just good looks?

(Taken from a Jughead comic: Juggie says this about money, when Pop refuses to give him more credit at the choc’lit shoppe  )

It would be amazing to just walk up there and sing your favourite song with an enthusiastic crowd behind you!

If you haven’t been to a karaoke – highly recommended. And if you can sing better than a frog’s croak (sigh, now you know how bad I am), you get UP THERE AND SING!

Why was only one member of the 1983 world cup winning indian team allowed to enter Firangi Paani on Saturday?

'cos it was 'kapil's' only.
Yeah, i'm sorry. Someone told me this joke at work - thought i'd offload it on you :)

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Deepa said...

wow, didn't realise you enjoyed it that much, but hella glad you did. and thank you for the kind words, you ain't so bad yourself, and if you ever repeat that, I'll break you.
Just one error I must point out in your exercise of prosaic license. I didn't notice any owner/manager type person committing acts described.

Swapnil said...

Deepa: lips are sealed...
Wasn't that old guy who sang three songs the owner? He was ushering people out with a "Thanks for coming". I think you shall see on cross checking that the owner/manager type person did, indeed, commit those acts (as described)