Friday, September 7, 2007

And I'm back...

I've realised that I've been doing something really inexcusable off late. I've been taking this blog too much for granted. (oh, i'll write later, its always there anyway, its just the same, no one really reads it anyway, blah blah blah)

Now, i've decided that I need to get this sloth off my back. I really enjoy writing (even if its not particularly great philosophical stuff that would contribute in making the world a better place) and I shouldn't let laziness deprive me of a Nobel prize for literature at a later date in my life. So I shall re-ignite my love for my blog and stop writing merely factual posts which, when I read them now, I realize were just really bad pieces of writing which I was bunging together just for the sake of updating the blog.

And do you know why this was happening? I'd started writing for my reader's attention rather than for my own joy. In fact if I observe my behaviour over the last month, i've been spending more time on the mapstats website that helps me track my blog visitors (Their numbers, where they linked from, the search items that threw up my blog etc etc) rather than actually writing. Yes, yes you can put down your accusing fingers now, I admit it, I sold out.

But I shall turn over a new leaf now. You just wait and see :)

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