Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The furtive allure of a single slip...

Will she get to know? How would she? She's not around. I can do whatever I want - she has no way of finding out who comes to my bedroom and what happens after that...

Come on, you're better than this. Just because she's not here doesn't mean you go behind her back and do this...this despicable thing.

Its only this once...maybe twice. If she doesn't know, it can't harm her. It's so enticing. It's been over two weeks since I did it. It feels like a decade ago...

Just a quick mistake and you'll regret it all your life. You'll be looking behind your back all the time wondering if you cleared off all evidence or not. Being careful all the time to make sure you don't let something slip. Something that'll make her suspect what you did when she was not here.

Flowers. Yes, flowers usually work when she's mad. I'll preempt it by giving her flowers everyday. And cheese cake and ice cream...that works, doesn't it?

And she will not notice your sudden romantic overtures? If anything, that'll make her more suspicious. Don't do it, i'm telling you its not worth it. A moment of madness and a lifetime of regret. Do you think its worth it? Don't you think you can resist the dangerous allure?

But I'm human, aren't I? And the desire to do it is so intense. Aren't you curious how it will go? Will it be as good as the glimpses I got? And the sultry invitation was there in those furtive glances. I could sense it. How can I resist? It's just this once. Just to see how it feels like. Why should I go against human nature and resist? Why shouldn't I go with the flow? It would feel so good.

And then? What happens afterwards? Would you be able to look into her eyes ever again? Won't you feel like a cur every time she does something nice for you? Do you really want to risk everything you've created with her?

But, ....

Before you go running off the rails, AV is in Bangalore while I'm in Delhi. She has proclaimed that I don't watch Game of Thrones episodes without her.


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