Saturday, January 15, 2011

Subtle Shifts and Swings...

Happy New Year everyone!

Now this is a bit of a serious coming-of-age type of post. While I don't expect you to roll around in the aisles clutching your sides guffawing your hearts out, I do think that I will see a few wry smiles and little nods of agreement as you go through this post.

Since I gained awareness the fondest memories I have are attributed to surprise announcements of holidays. Some of my favourites include the one in which we went all the way to school through pouring rain only to realize that even the huge, spread out school had to be shut down due to flooding. Brilliant.

Such things were like manna from heaven, falling unpredictably in your lap. You may not even do anything interesting all day, but you have a big grin plastered all over your face while you do, well, nothing.

So now to the gist of this post. Last to last Friday I had a meeting at work and in the course of the meeting I found out that next Friday (i.e. last Friday...ok, ok, so I got a bit late in writing this post and the timelines got a bit confusing. Live with it)was off.

Now this was just the way these heavenly gifts come. One moment you're looking at another long five day week, and the next you stare into an excel sheet and realize that the week is going to be truncated.

But that's when it hit me. Instead of having visions of rainbows and sunshine and all things nice, my reaction was "Damn! This is going to impact the deliverables of all my projects." I actually found myself cursing whoever gave that day off! Ridiculous, isn't it?

Now,I've realized that the shift is happening. The innocent days when holidays brought unmitigated joy seem to be over :(

Went to Eagleton Resorts on Wednesday for a company outing. Got back on the golf driving range after so long. It was great fun.I've still got some parts of my golf swing and after a few initial hiccups I hit the ball fairly well. And I also held an impromptu golf clinic for 4-5 colleagues who had not played before. Fun :)



Abhinav said...

I miss eagleton!

ಭಾಶೇ said...

I understand the deliverable part very well. Any time they come up with this leave early days or off today and work another days I get to that same thought process.

U get responsible, u lose the freedom to be a child. :( (are there any exceptions??)

Plantain Boy said...

I believe I had a three day work week during the thanksgiving week. Having a deliverable the next Monday, I managed to spend half of thanksgiving at the office.

Not quite sure who would even take a look at deliverables during that holiday period, but that's a topic for another day.