Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Good Boys at Home...

As the loyal readers of this blog know I stay in a nice little house in NGV with a old college friend of mine, PS.

Now, bachelor pads across the world share certain characteristics:

For instance such homes are the picture of cleanliness with spotless floors, clean fans, well made beds with fresh sheets, all shoes arranged in expensive and elegant shoe racks, laundry all done, well dusted windows covered with exquisite curtains, no glass containers containing potent liquids, wardrobes immaculately maintained with clothes arranged by colour, type of garment, occasion to wear that garment in etc etc...

Yeah, right.

So the ACTUAL description of our house, and it is probably one of the better maintained abodes, is..umm..a bit different. Hard as we try, the house does fall into a bit of disarray as the week progresses. (I don't know how girls keep their houses so spic and span. It's an art, I say - a mystery to the male species).

Now normally, we ignore such insignificantly small issues. We live by the principle of live and let live. We don't harm the piles of clothes and bunches of shoes in most rooms and they don't, in turn, harm us.

Thus things were going smoothly as usual when suddenly PS ran into the drawing room.

"Dude, we have a situation."
"what? The geyser's not working again? I'm going to have some really harsh words when that bloodsucking landlord comes for the rent! And..."

"Ho gaya? Main bol lun ab" (done with your blabbering? Can I speak now?) [Implicit meaning - you speak WAY too much mate. Put a lid on it)


"Dad has a meeting in Bangalore. He'll come for a couple of days. Probably stay over for a night or two"

"Food, he's going to bring home food!! Yay!"


(high five)

"But Swap, have you seen the condition of the house?"

"Yeah, it's fine, right?"

"Umm look at it from a parent's eye"

(5 second pause)

"Doomed! We're doomed! When is he coming? How the hell are we going to clean up?? Damn, damn, damn!"

"Ok, relax, we have 3 days"

"Dude, just look at it! We need a week atleast"

"We'll take it on a war footing. Just remember the Hitchhiker's Guide..."

(In unison)


So, needless to say, we spent the next 2 days procrastinating and then spent one early evening AND late evening AND early night AND late night cleaning and hiding stuff.

Update: The visit went well. Uncle was pleased with our living arrangements

Further update: Yes, we got sweets from home. And no, they're not for you. We deserve every single piece of mithai!



Parry said...

oh well yes we deserve each and every piece of that was done immacutely and I am sure the quantity of stuff that we have, it was a tough job to hide it ;-)

but hey hey.. did you say he was pleased with the visit? - dude not really after his visit I am planning to spend 22K just to put somethings in place so that he is pleased in his next visit ;-)

Akshay said...

bhai PS- aisa kya bol gaye daddy... ki beta acchi bar lagwa lo ghar mein..saari bottle aise hi niche padi rehti hain ;)

Garima said...

Oyy!! I didnt realise u guys had 2 do so much of cleaning!!! I found a verrry clean place wen I came there....!! :)

thx for taking so much effort u sweetiees :)

Swapnil said...

PS: Just think of it - how much would you have to spend if we hadn't cleaned up the place!

GG: :)

Pras said...

untrue comments.. u came to my place at Pondy.. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, how wud u rate it..?Plus i am too much of an MCP to admit that we can't do it better than the opp sex.

Swapnil said...

Pras: 10 meaning highest amount of scary mess? well you got a perfect score mate!