Monday, September 7, 2009

Weird Movie Week...

The week just past has to be the most entertaining week involving weird movies that PS and I watched. The movies we've watched this week have gone from the comic to the cheap to what-the-hell-were-we-thinking and we're-not-making-enough-money-to-waste-on-this-crap type. But all in all an enjoyable week, though I would have to cringe about telling people about atleast one movie I watched.

Anyway, starting on a high note, midway through the week PS and I suddenly decided to go watch Quick Gun Murugun. This movie is based on a fictional (obviously) vegetarian south Indian dosa eating cowboy called...umm..take a wild Gun Murugun. This character, who needs his one tumbler whisky (ok, can anyone please tell me the correct oxford spelling of this beverage? Whisky or Whiskey?)with one masala dosa while the whole universe resounds with his entry cue:

The earth is my garden,
The sky is my ceiling,
The whole universe is my native,
My Murugun

It's a pretty funny movie. Quite slapstick, but unapologetic about being one. And the art director must've had a ball while designing the sets and the entire look! Starting from QGM's clothes (emerald green shirt, Orange tight trousers, leapordskin waistcoat, bright pink necherchief, and a cowboy hat...and oh yeah, the waistcoat matching underwear) to the after Yamraj and his weird vehicle to ferry souls to the heavens to the government department-ish heaven itself- all brilliantly thought of.

Of course you don't go into such a movie expecting a great plot but this plot of preventing the arch villain Rice Plate Reddy from converting all vegetarians to non-vegetarians and hence taking over the world was just cheeky enough to bring a smile..or a chuckle. Add in a lot of hilarious dialogues in tamil accent, a bewitching seductress called Mango Dolly and QMG's Rajnikant-esque moves, and a perfect recipe for a laugh riot that stays with you only till the movie ends. The length of the movie is also just right and it ends before the gags start getting jarring

A good solid one time watch.

The second movie we saw was a bit of a disaster. Hell, it was the Titanic and the tsunami put together (purely as a scale of the disaster)! So this Friday PS and I were at home and suddenly decided to go to a movie without really caring which one it was. Now PS has had a bit of a soft corner for Sagarika Ghatge since she portrayed the role of Preeti Sabharwal in Chak de. Thus, I blame him entirely for our decision to finally watch FOX. This has to be one of the worst movies i've ever seen. And, that, is saying a lot! Terrible plot and insipid execution. And even worse, exactly three scenes with Sagarika having anything to do. Absolute failure on all fronts. Oh, I'll let you in on the main plot twist - I mean it's not like you're going to watch the movie anyway - Sunny Deol is the villain. Ho hum...

NOT a watch, infact if you hate someone dearly and want him to reach a stage of dementia, just lock him/her in a theatre playing this movie and let him watch the movie thrice. Be very cautious, anything more than 3 and the person may suffer permanent irreversible brain damage.

And the third one was the hindi remake of Death at a Funeral called Daddy Cool. It's a passable comedy but things just get in bad taste once in a while. It's basically about a guy coming and blackmailing a family about his relationship with the dad whose funeral has got all of them together. After that it's one slapstick gag after another.Funny only very very rarely and that too if you really force yourself to laugh.

Can watch once, free, on tv or...umm you get my drift, right?

So it's been a while since I saw three movies in a week. And this weird combination of movies? Never before!


Gulrez said...

Awesome post...was fun to read! You are doing a grt job with ur blog :-)

Swapnil said...

Thanks Gul!

ajay said...

PG Wodehouse eh? I'm a fan myself. My favourite character is Psmith. Who's yours? I loved the foundation series too, and yes, the potter series as well.

ajay said...

PG Wodehouse eh? I'm a fan myself. My favourite character is Psmith. Who's yours? I loved the foundation series too, and yes, the potter series as well.