Saturday, July 25, 2009

'Height' of cheapness

I do weird things sometimes.

Ok, the back drop. I am seriously short of wearable clothes for office and outside. So I decided it was high time I went out and got some clothes that would make me presentable (and also so that the new hot chick in office also starts looking at me instead of turning and running away stifling a laugh like she does now). PS and I went to all the stores and after muching mulling over and discount calculations decided on a few clothes to buy.

This was on Thursday. Just as I was reluctantly handing out my credit card to the shop assistant PS and I saw that there was a strange discount scheme running in the shop. I gleefully snatched back my credit card which was just on the verge of being swiped and rushed to check out the details.

"The taller the woman you're with, the more the discount"

This sounded good.

The scheme was that if you're with a girl you get a discount equivalent to her height. PS and I looked at each other. This was doable.

PS: hmm what about xyz. How tall do you think she is?

SB: Around rs.1200 off...I mean 5'2" type

PS: We need someone taller. Wait there is this tall girl in office. I haven't ever actually spoken to her. But I could talk her into helping out here by tomorrow.

SB: How tall are we talking here?

PS: lets just say more than Rs 2000

SB: Yay!! We'll come back again tomorrow. And the savings can fund the domestic groceries. Dude, our cook had tears in his eyes yesterday - we have nothing to cook at home .... {more domestic chatter}

So smiling effusively I was sitting in office in my old 'friday' shirt (yes, that hot chick STILL stifled a laugh and ran away. But I smiled, after this evening you won't be running away lady. We're talking new threads to dazzle you. And yes, the cost saving's there too)

(phone rings - it's PS)

SB: What's up Rs 2000, i mean, PS?

PS: You do realize how cheap you are?

SB: Yup, so what's your point?

PS: Ok, nothing just wanted to make sure you know. But Houston, we have a problem?


PS: I scoured the entire office today, all floors. Even checked under the table in the little guard's shed. The tall one is not there. She hasn't come in today

SB: WHAT? How could she do this? Doesn't she have any respect for all the work that depends on her everyday? How could she be so irresponsible? So many people depending on her and this is what she goes and does? How could she, how could she?

PS: Ho gaya? (done?)

SB: Haan (yes)

PS: I asked around, I think she fell ill.

SB: Couldn't she fall ill tomorrow


SB: ok, ok. Now what do we do

PS: Well I can ask this 5'2" girl.

SB: Pfftt a Rs. 1200 saving? How could you even say that PS. I have standards. Nothing below Rs 1600 will do. hello..hello

PS: (disconnected)

SB: (Frantically calls back) On second thoughts..


SB: cmon, seriously. hello ..hello


Damn, what should I do now.

So eventually I sat in office till quite late. Asked this tall colleague of mine to help out. She had a late call and I waited for her, then asked her to come way out of her way to the shop. Got the discount.

Cheapness rules!!!


deepti said...

haha.. good one. Why didn't you think of coming to mumbai?? I could have got you that discount easily ;) and that would be heights of something for sure!

Swapnil said...

Deepti: Hehe I actually thought about you at that time. I think I'd've got a higher discount if you were around :)

Any plans of Bangalore? (umm the sale is still on and there are 2-3 things I could buy if i got a large discount :) )