Monday, March 16, 2009


It's been a while, huh?

Well I've been kinda busy for a while. Its that amongst other things I've shifted to a new house this week and whoever says that that is easy has got to be kidding. I finally got the internet working today after chasing the airtel connection guy all around the building (figuratively speaking) all of the weekend.

Actually it was the other way around. He was supposed to come yesterday and I kept calling him every hour or so. In the most sincere voice I have EVER heard he told me repeatedly that he'd be there in half an hour as he just got stuck somewhere. And as soon as he finished this work he'd leap and bound and almost materialize in my new house to do the honours. Though I've become reasonably immune to such statements I swear I heard the gentle ring of truth and honesty in that man's voice.

No wait, that was just his phone ringing after he stopped picking my calls after 2 in the afternoon. So seething and foaming at the mouth I had no option but to abandon hope of getting online on Sunday.

I called him this afternoon and he said "he forgot"! Yeah, sure mate and if you even imagine you're getting a tip from me - well you're getting the oscar for optimism then!

About the new house, its quite nice. Its in a place called National Games Village. Its a large number of buildings within boundaries which were made during
a. either the Asian Games
b. National games (this does seem likely, seeing that it doesn't take a genius to correlate the name of the complex to the name of the games, but still I seem to remember it was the Asian Games. I shall check and get back to you. [er who am I kidding, if you're really curious to know you better not wait for me to post it here])

Anyway, it has a very collegiate feel to it and the separate buildings could almost be like hostels in DCE. In the evenings there is the entire college landscape with people generally hanging out on the main road, bunches of guys standing around on bikes checking out girls, people crowding around the ice cream shop (a la DCE), lots of noise and activity. There's also a sports complex which was one of the reasons of taking up a place here. It has a pool, tennis courts, a gym, badminton courts etc etc. Hopefully we'll use most of these facilities.

Plus I have friends in 1-2 buildings here so its almost like in college when we'd get bored in the room and then just hop skip to another hostel to chat up with people. Of course, now that everyone is working, the visit frequency cannot replicate the hours and hours of lazy GC (er..banter)that was a staple of hostel life (sigh).

The apartment itself is quite nice and roomy and of course PS is my flatmate again! The apartment is towards a quieter corner of the complex and is quite quiet. This is what I really like - the house should give an option of just spending some quiet time, and to go out and mingle with the hulla balloo if you want to.

One awesome thing is that the room i've taken used to be the kids room for the family staying here earlier. So apart from the Noddy, Winnie the Pooh and MIckey Mouse stickers on the almirah, the ceiling is also painted with stars and comets and moon and saturn and rocket ships which glow gently in the night!!

Very cool. I tried taking a picture but the camera flash kicks in and the stars and comets and moon and saturn and rocket ships didn't show up clearly. Suffice to say that when I turn off the light at night, the glowing stars on the ceiling above do bring a smile to my face.

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