Friday, November 7, 2008

Easy Quote

Read this in a book by a new writer (for me) that i'm reading.

"Everyone has a right to make fools of themselves once in their lives"

Book is 'Expecting someone taller' by Tom Holt.

Somehow I really liked this line a lot. I just hope my one time is not over yet!

On a related yet different note I discovered another library in Bangalore. This one is in Koramangala and is called easylib. Its very near AK's home so visiting the library is not an issue. Their collection is quite phenomenal and had me salivating (er..its not that kind of collection - perverts). What I especially liked was a section on award winning books. So you have a lot of booker, commonwealth etc etc winning books which generally are interesting when you're looking to read some new author but have no recommendations from anyone.

Their website is

* On re-reading this post it feels like a paid advertisement for them. Alas, no one pays me for writing such reviews. This is a completely independent opinion. However, I shall not refuse payment if offered...

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