Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ahem, knock knock...

Yes, I have been out. Forgive me.

Life seems to have overtaken me a bit since after i've come back from the Techno Trip 2. And though this has been a culmination of a number of weeks' thoughts and introspection, change and uncertainity are never the most comfortable of companions. Hopefully I shall soon be in a mood to write cheery funny posts here but right now I'm not getting anything.

Please don't think that I'm morose or depressed - I'm in good shape and nothing too serious has happened that would justify this tone. I'm just in a slightly self involved state where I don't feel like sharing too much with anyone.

And yes, some very interesting and exciting things are happening which would cheer up everyone reading this. But i'd rather not talk about them now or I'll run them down in the mood I am.

Sorry for the cryptic post, but i don't talk about work related stuff here

As for the exciting stuff - read tennis + writing and think on those lines :)