Sunday, September 7, 2008

That Silly Little Feeling...

Sometimes when you think you're being extremely smart you end up doing something that is guaranteed to give you a red face for a long time to come whenever you think about it.

Now generally I don't reveal embarrasing things to people who I know would take my case for a very VERY long time. But I guess you're all my friends and wouldn't make fun of me, right? RIGHT? (Damn it, atleast say that you wouldn't)

Now I usually don't buy stuff from vendors on red lights, except maybe its one of those packs of really cheap ear buds (pause. Did the world at large really need to know about my personal hygiene related stuff? I guess not, but now i've typed it so I'm not going to bother deleting it), but today some circumstances occured that I made a transaction there.

I was returning after meeting TDV near Forum mall and as I took the turn and got stuck at a red light I happened to glance at my phone beeping merrily away indicating that the battery was all but over. Now as you know my phone is anyway on its last legs and I couldn't afford to risk the battery hitting zero. Who knows it may just not come back to life at all. Desperately I was cursing myself,

a. For not charging the phone properly
b. For being a cheapskate and not having the in-car charging device

Now apart from the very real threat of the phone conking, I was also expecting a very important message (It didn't come, sigh. No details available for you nosey people). Caught between these two problems I was looking desperately around, and there infront of me, like an angel from heaven, materialized a vendor with the answer to all my peoblems. A revival of hopes was had. And secretly superstitious thoughts of the destiny-is-on-my-side-I-should-take-the-shot came storming into my head (again related to the-expected-but-never-came-message. No details for you nosey people, again). This guy was selling a in-car cellphone charging device with 5 different heads to fit into a multitude of cell phones.

Perfect, oh ye holy angel, I read your message clearly. It is but a clear green signal.

But then my smartness kicked in.

Now i'm a terrible bargainer. I mean not an indifferent bargainer. A TERRIBLE bargainer. Shopkeepers have been known to mark up the price as soon as they see my face. Me strolling into a market is occasion to let loose firworks and light the shops akin to diwali in many marketplaces.

But here I thought I could try my hand. After all I was getting heavenly sign after sign that today was going to be a lucky day.

So I called the guy and sitting there at the red light I negotiated to beat all negotiators in the world. I mean, all those hostage negotiators talking to terrorists and kidnappers the world over would have nothing on me after this day. In fact I should probably be giving them Negotiation 101 seminars after work. I actually got the guy to sell the device to me at my first quoted price. Oh, I was so proud!!

Except one small thing.

None of the 5 heads on the device fits into my cell phone.


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Parry said...

I think your all attention was diverted towards that message which never came ;-) and details of which you don't want to share with us....
Anyways I will be interested to know his quote price and price at which you bought...

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