Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dilli approacheth...

As another friday approaches various thoughts come in one's mind.
- Will there be an earthquake tonight to prevent office from opening while everything settles down (pun intended) by the evening so that evening revelries can be dived into?
- how quickly would the bosses leave so us lesser mortals can quietly slink away?
- is it possible to fall sick in the morning tomorrow and be hale and hearty (again miraculously) by the evening?

But even more significantly this friday is the last one before I take a vacation back to Delhi.

Yes, Independence Day, Rakhi and my birthday shall be celebrated with gusto in Delhi.

Did I mention - YAY!!!

So this Friday is being kept completely empty dreaming dreams and planning plans of my trip to Delhi. This trip is going to be a bit different as I have to go to a relatives place outside delhi with mom. This could potentially be the boringest home vacation ever (A fact that has been making certain individuals "feel better" {scowls and shakes fist}).

So I better grit myself and plan the few days I have in Delhi to have obscene amounts of fun. So much fun that it should've been made illegal - too late now!


Abhinav said...

14th ka plan finalize karo - at my place pakka na fir

raindrops said...

have fun @delhi :)